Structural Engineering

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Some of the more "interesting" projects are demolition engineering.  Husky Stadium Roof for example:

Husky Stadium Roof Demoliton Stage 1Husky Stadium Roof Stage 2

The eastbound ramp of SR90, a curved post tensioned box girder over the westbound ramp, Royal Brougham Way and 3rd Ave South was a real staging and shoring challenge:

Sectional Barges provided temporary support of the Norman Bridge during demolition:

The Monroe Bridge was ready to go without our help:

Of course we design new structures too.  Here's our Bullfrog Bridge (195' span steel truss) being launched into place:

Bullfrog Bridge Launch

We do a lot of work with contractors on steel and precast concrete erection engineering.  Here's the south runway truss of SAFECO Field being positioned for it's pick:

SAFECO South Truss

Here's the Seattle Seahawk Stadium arch going up:

Seahawk Stadium

Then there are the really unusual projects.  Here's what are 750 Ton Capacity "Friction Brackets", used to support the SR5 Ship Canal Bridge during it's Seismic Retrofit look like:

Friction BracketFriction Bracket DWG

On a somewhat more "19th Century" side of the spectrum, here's a look down at the Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene Stave Pipe (banded with stainless steel bands) designed to bypass a manhole which couldn't be removed due to costly arts improvements that had been made at the surface around the manhole:

Stave PipeStave

Here's an shot of the Lower Baker Lake, Fish Collector, Net Transition Structure, Assembly frame/transporter we designed for SKANSKA USA:


Here's a look at a sheet sheet pile cofferdam we used to keep Elliot Bay (Puget Sound) out of our 53rd Ave Pump Station Addition excavation:

53rd Ave PS Shoring

Here's a load test we provided for a remote "railroad car" bridge:

Gold Bar Bridge